On November 1, 2019, we started the implementation of the project Improving the business of Ivamont d.o.o. implementation of a specialized software solution, in the project KK. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020. within the tender Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of SMEs through information and communication technologies (ICT) - 2.

Basic information about the project:

Project title: Improving the business of the company Ivamont d.o.o. through the implementation of a specialized software solution

Brief description of the project: The project is aimed at investing in the procurement and implementation of a specialized software solution with 6 modules that will contribute to the improvement of internal processes and achieve a greater degree of digitalization of business.

Objectives and expected results of the project:

  • Positive effect on the overall business through increased security of data and documentation, easier access to information due to centralized data storage.
  • Faster and more efficient execution of tasks, more efficient organization of the workflow and adaptation to technological improvements in communication with suppliers and customers.
  • Improving 6 business processes will create the preconditions for increasing competitiveness, acquiring and retaining new customers, higher profitability, increasing sales revenues and new employment of professional and ambitious staff.
  • Process optimization will create a basis for quality planning and identifying opportunities for improvement as important prerequisites for successful business growth in the coming period.

Total project value: HRK 528.125,00

Amount co-financed by the EU: HRK 253.077,50

Project implementation period: 1.11.2019.-1.11.2020.

Contact person for more information:

Ivan Trčak, tel: +385 912882533