Ivamont Inc. provides services in area of anti-corrosion protection, thermal insulation, gas station maintenance and Construction finishing works.

Anti-corrosion protection process:

1. Surface preparation provided by:

a) Hidrodynamic process - Water Jetting with pressure of 2500 bar

b) Grit sandblasting, shotblasting

2. Surface Protection performed by special airless high-pressure pumps for the application of special coatings.

Anticorrosion protection equipment:

1. Sandblasters

2. Construction compressors

3. Vaccuming equipment

4. Dehumidifiers

5. Airless pumps for the application of protective agents

6. High pressure pumps for Water Jetting – Hammelmann

Insulation works:

Thermal insulation by stone - mineral wool and aluminum sheets according to the required technology

Construction finishing works:

a) Painting

b) Flooring

c) Heat cladding systems

d) Tinsmith works

e) Roofing works

f) Locksmith works

Construction work compressor rental